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I am honored to be able to support teachers, schools and districts on a global scale. If I can help your school or district please feel free to contact me. Below is a list of some of my offerings.

One Day Google Infused Classroom Bootcamps

This is a private label, high energy and fun workshop that is designed to fit the needs of each individual school or district. This workshop is based in the idea of using Google in the classroom, but focusing on the principles of good pedagogy along with purposeful technology integration.

Year Long Engagements

Customized work with schools  for a  longer period of time to help institute a culture of change, and to formulate a vision and strategy around innovative and transformational teaching.

Google Infused Online Workshops 

On a budget but want to do a school-wide study around The Google Infused Classroom? Contact Holly for this exciting new PD option.

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Our students are the first real digital natives – born in to a world with computers, smartphones and tablets.  The problem is they are tech dependent but not tech savvy, and we must teach them the ways in which they can amplify their learning using the tools of technology. This fun and story-filled keynote will look at how we can make three simple tweaks to our instructional practices to meet better meet their needs and improve teaching in learning in the classroom.


We are in the middle of a Digital Disruption in education. Powerful digital tools have significantly changed the face of learning, and more importantly the landscape of information. As educators, it is crucial that we understand this transformation, and begin to find purposeful teaching and learning strategies that include the use of these tools. In this keynote, we will examine the impact of disruption and look at teacher and student empowerment through the tools that help us make thinking visible, give every student a voice, and allow students to show their work.


Built for parents and companies –  this keynote focuses on how we can better understand Generation Z and look more deeply at how we can positively impact their digital footprints. Parents leave with strategies for dealing with screen time and ideas for helping their kids be learners and creators when on the devices,  and not just constant consumers.


The Right Questions

Empowering students to ask their own questions can be game changing in the classroom . This one small shift can help our students become better thinkers and problem-solvers. In this session, you will learn a powerful Question Formulation Technique for helping students become better questioners, metacognitive learners and become more engaged in their own learning.

Critical Thinking and the Web -Search Strategies in a Google Infused World

With such an abundance of information available it is critical that we develop some norms around searching and information literacy. In this session, we look at the search skills students need to acquire in order to become information literate. From top level search strategies to helping student learn how to effectively validate information.

The Google Infused Classroom – Checks for Understanding

It’s time we stop talking about technology and start focusing on how technology can improve teaching and learning in our classrooms. In this session, we will examine how we can use some fun tools to create powerful checks for understanding. This session will focus on Flipgrid and Socrative.

Let’s Solve That Problem!

Hexagonal thinking promotes critical thinking, collaboration and problem solving. In this hands-on and fun session participants will engage in the hexagonal thinking process and dissect how it can be used in the classroom to promote the 4 C’s of collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity.

Making Thinking Visible with SeeSaw

This session, for elementary and intermediate teachers, will introduce you to the SeeSaw app.. We will look at how we can use SeeSaw to make student thinking and learning visible and create journals of learning that can empower the student reflective process.  SeeSaw is available as both on iOS and Chrome.

The Google Infused Classroom – Demonstrations of Learning

It’s time we stop talking about technology and start focusing on how technology can improve teaching and learning in our classrooms. In this session, we will examine how we can create powerful demonstrations of learning using apps like Book Creator and Adobe Spark.

Let The Students Talk!

Student voice is more than just letting students talk it’s about allowing them to take ownership of their learning. In this session, we look at three ways you can help students develop their voice and begin to understand their strengths and passions as learners.

Social Learning

In this session, we will look at what social learning is and how its being amplified using the App FlipGird. Even if you already use Flipgrid, come learn some great ways other teachers are using this in the classroom and stay up to date with ideas and strategies.

Student Voices Amplified

In this session, we are going to look at how you can use two amazing apps Book Creator and Adobe Spark to create meaningful demonstrations of learning that give kids to show their thinking and understanding.