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Connecting Students: Strategies for Reinventing Your Classroom

Remixing The Classroom:

Redefining Your Classroom with Google Apps for Education

Student Digital Portfolios – Redefining and Reinventing Assessment 


Popular Presentations:

The Game Changer: Collaborative and Innovative Ways to Globalize Your Classroom.

If you are not collaborating with other schools, it is time to jump on board! As one of the essential 21st Century learning skills, collaboration should be at the heart of any curriculum. In this session you will learn over 20 ways you can use GAFE to foster student engagement through global online collaborations. From “mystery hangouts” to political debates with students from other continents you will definitely be amazed at how you can transform your classroom with these cutting-edge collaboration ideas.

Harnessing the Power of Social Media

Do your students understand how to use technology in a safe and responsible way? This session will address a framework for teaching digital citizenship in your class and provide ideas of how you can begin to teach your students how to build their digital identities using social media and Google tools.

EduSlam– Best Practices You Can Use in Your Classroom Tomorrow

Looking for something you can use in the classroom tomorrow? An idea that is an educational homerun? Come to Holly and Tanya’s EduSlam session!  We will focus on 20 of the most cutting edge practices or tips for innovative teaching focusing on the 4C’s (creating, collaborating, critical thinking and communicating). From Google Apps for Education to ultra cool Apps for the iPad this session will inspire you with classroom takeaways and best practices on how you can begin to redefine your teaching with technology.

Critical Thinking and the Web: Search Strategies in a Google Infused World

With such an abundance of information available we need to teach effective search strategies to help our students become digitally literate. This session will look at the information literacies that should be taught at the different grade levels. We will discuss ideas of how we can begin to pop the filter bubble that surrounds us on the web. You will leave with practical EduSlam search tips and tricks that will knock your students’ socks off.

The Common Core and the Uncommon iPad

Digital Literary – Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Word Art

Crowdsourcing Your Learning

Tried and True Digital Reading Strategies with Subtext


The iPad Classroom – One, two and three day workshops

Google and Google Apps for Education Trainings and Bootcamps

Google for Administrators

Googlize Your Classroom

Google Chromebooks in Education – Pusing for Redefintion with Google Tools

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