15 Ways to Use #Flipgrid for Social Studies

I have Flipgrid fever and its only getting worse. I just can’t stop thinking of ways to use Flipgrid in the classroom! Here is my next installment of ideas…

Flipgrid is arguably one of the best apps of 2017. It has so many layers of thinking it can uncover. At first view – it is a video response platform – but it is so much more, so layered, and so effective in helping teachers capture rich information about student learning and growth. Let’s take a look…

What is Flipgrid?

In simple terms and from the website, “A grid is where your students go to view your topics, record their responses and reply to their classmates. These grids can be open or locked.

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  • 1. App Smash with Chatter Pix  – have kids take on a persona of a historical figure. Example: Have students make a grid for the first 10 Presidents – break them into a collaborative group to write an entertaining script for each president.
  • 2. Student owned Grid – To create a space where all students tell a story over time as a historical figure – or historical event.
  • 3. Use the thinking routine – I used to think…now I think after a lesson to get at what students learned and what they now understand.
  • 4. Use the thinking routine – headlines – to have students create a headline for a historical event – make sure the students explain why these chose this idea.
  • 5. Three Reasons I would… – have students give three reasons why they would:
    • Settle in one of the first to a colonies or provinces (for my Canadian friends)
    • Do away with something in the Bill of Rights, Constitution, The G-3 was free trade agreement, etc
    • Do away or support the right to bare arms – second amendment
    • For the fall of the Roman Empire – or end of any historical event
    • Etc, etc
  • 6. Succinct Summary of Unit – give a quick summary of a lesson or historical idea…this is where they learn to give an elevator pitch about a historical event or idea
  • 7.  Oral Exit Ticket – three things I learned – or want to know more about after a this lesson.
  • 8. What would have happened if…(Germany won the war –  there was not a second amendment…we didn’t have the electoral college)
  • 9. How to spot a ….Civil War Soldier, Crusader, Republican
  • 10. The turning point was…explain the turning point of an event
  • 11. Guess my location game – give three clues see if other students can guess using the reply feature – “I am a state with water, mountains and a democratic voting record.”
  • 12. Dear Diary – have students use something like Chatter pix again to share the different viewpoints of people during a historical event. Example – The Great Chicago Fire – tell viewpoint of fireman, the famous cow, a woman with a child seeing the flames for the first time, a banker about to loose all the cash at his bank….etc. All of them are on the grid for others to watch and metacognitively
  •  compare answers.
  • 13. Flipgrid Debates – Students can debate each other using the reply feature that comes with the paid version (there is a code above for there months free).

Wait there are not 15…looks like I need two more 😉 – who can help me? Tweet #infusedclassroom and @HollyClarkEdu with your ideas  – the winner will be featured on this blog post and a free copy of The Google Infused Classroom.

Author: HollyClark

Holly is the co-author of Google Infused Classroom. She lives and works in San Diego, California. She delivers professional development to schools internationally and speaks at conferences about empowering teachers and students with iPads and Google Apps for Education. Contact her at holly@edtechteam.com to have her present or work with your school.

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