What is a Google Infusion?

Our new book, The Google Infused Classroom is only about one month away from being released. I often present on the Google Infusions at educational summits. For those people who do not attend my sessions, I am often asked “What is a Google Infusion?”

Here is the quick answer.

A Google Infusion is really simple..and meant to be applied with one goal in mind: making student thinking visible. It is achieved by combining a Google tool with another online app –  to make it easy to gather rich information about student learning and growth.

Think of it like this: A teacher might use Google Classroom to pass out a link for a Padlet. But with a Google Infusion, the goal of  the infusion is to find a way to easily make student thinking visible, hear from all students, and allow the students to share their work.

People are doing Google Infusions everyday, and we would love to hear about yours! Tweet them to us at #infusedlearning

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Author: HollyClark

Holly is the co-author of Google Infused Classroom. She lives and works in San Diego, California. She delivers professional development to schools internationally and speaks at conferences about empowering teachers and students with iPads and Google Apps for Education. Contact her at holly@edtechteam.com to have her present or work with your school.

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