Google Classroom Meet Chrome Extension

Great new extension makes it possible to get everyone on the same page! In your Google Classroom.

Google Classroom Update (3)

New Chrome extension, Share to Classroom, is great for that BYOD classroom or 1:1 classroom. It allows teachers to push out a webpage to everyone so that learning can begin and headaches can end.

*Note: Google Apps admins can install the extension for their entire domain so that it’s easiest for teachers and students to get started. Teachers and students both need the extension in order to push web pages to each other.

Author: HollyClark

Holly is the co-author of Google Infused Classroom. She lives and works in San Diego, California. She delivers professional development to schools internationally and speaks at conferences about empowering teachers and students with iPads and Google Apps for Education. Contact her at to have her present or work with your school.

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