Inspiring Innovative Instruction Using Ideas From Dale Carnegie’s Teachings: Part One

Inspiring Innovative Instruction Using Ideas From Dale Carnegie’s Teachings: Part One of Four

Recently, while preparing my application for Apple Distinguished Educator, I had to write about the ways I am helping teachers innovate instruction. This process made me think about how I could more effectively inspire teachers to redefine the way they deliver instruction. Like most administrators, I am doing the normal things, delivering PD, talking about 21st Century Learning…all the usual ways we try to impart new ideas on teachers. Then, I began thinking more deeply about the process. How could I really get them to “want” to change.

I thought about my business friends and how they are always talking about Dale Carnegie. So, while I was doing research I found “How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age.” This was perfect because as a connected educator this book appeared to be more in my own personal wheel-house.

Here is what I learned:

1. Bury Your Boomerangs –
which means that you have to inspire change by staying away from insults. I learned that in dealing with others it is best not to criticize, condemn, or complain. This was big lesson for me – because as an Apple aficionado I often have a hard time hiding my disdain for windows platforms in education.

ImageAh-ha moment – you don’t need to put down anyone or anything to highlight the advantages of a new way of thinking or a product.  Focus the value in the change or product and you will get more bang for your buck and hopefully inspire those around you.

2. Affirm What’s Good –
We all have an innate desire to know we are valued. Flattery is often seen as a nice gesture but insincere and lacking true concern. Instead affirm what people do that is good. Affirming requires knowing what really matters to a person and then highlighting that thing or event.

This video is how I wish I started each day.

ImageAh-ha moment: Teachers are in education because they love what they do. Affirm that they are really doing a good job and that by upgrading and modernizing instruction they can continue to be difference makers and truly learn to engage digital learners and prepare them for their future!


3. Connect with Core Desires:
“To influence others to act, you must first connect to the core desire within them.”

Wow – dealing with educators makes this strategy easy. They all want to help children learn at their core. Changing instruction will make them stars, game-changers and every child will want to take their class. We just need to find a way through inspiring words to help them connect with this core desire.

Author: hollyedtechdiva

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