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Adobe Spark: Ignite a Learning Fire in Your Classroom

My new word for technology integration is simplicity. If a tool is not simple, then I can’t concentrate as much on the learning because I end up spending too much time trying to understand the app and teaching my students to use it. The tool has to be intuitively simple. Sometimes I come up with great ideas around technology integration [...]

5 Reasons To Use Padlet Tomorrow

Padlet has been around for a while, but it continues to stay relevant and remains one of the tools I always come back to, especially if I am using a student-facing lesson like a  Hyperdoc in my instructional practices. A few days ago they did a magical update - proving once again that this app is a powerful [...]

Google Home in the Classroom?

Recently, I have become obsessed with my Google Home. It is as if I can't watch TV without my new little friend next to me. I use it to check facts or fake news, ask questions about people on TV or just be lazy and ask what time it is without having to turn around [...]

Sneak Peek – Inquiry

My interview with Trevor MacKenzie about his new book! Finally, inquiry for the littles!   More from both authors

A Sneak Peek into Inquiry for Younger Learners

I am super excited to share with you all a new project one of our EdTechTeam Press best-selling authors has been busy creating.  Trevor MacKenzie, author of the oh-so-popular Dive into Inquiry:Amplify Learning and Empower Student Voice has partnered up with one of the most creative and caring kindergarten teachers I know, Rebecca Bathurst-Hunt, to [...]

Creativity in Schools – A Vision from Chicago

This summer I got the privilege of visiting Bennett Day School in Chicago. I got to sit down with Martin Moran and listen to their vision, ask questions and look around the campus - and needless to say I was beyond impressed. I have thought about their vision - nearly every day since I left their school. [...]

Connected Students: The Creation Literacy of Font Selection

As students begin producing a plethora of digital work - and connecting and sharing that work with the world - we need to take a step back and teach them to think a little more about typography and design. This was not important when I was in school because I either wrote everything by hand, [...]

Fun Ways to Use Book Creator in the Classroom

This summer something magical happened for teachers everywhere!  Book Creator came out for Chrome (insert excited shrieks here). What this means for teachers is that if you have Chromebooks in the classroom, you have just hit the creation jackpot. Why do I love Book Creator for Chromebook so much? Book Creator | Book Creator Blog [...]

App Awards 2017!

  This year has been amazing for teachers everywhere! We have experienced some great apps that have really made their mark on classrooms! I love apps that put pedagogy first by being simple to use, and make it easy for teachers to gather rich information about student learning and growth. I don't like to to [...]

Disrupting the Students Role in the Classroom

The words "student voice" have become vogue around educational circles, conferences and tweets - and for good reason. Teachers who have been around a while - know that jargon is something that comes and goes and as a result, we are often very weary of fashionable terms . For me,  there is something very special about this term because [...]