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App Awards 2017!

  This year has been amazing for teachers everywhere! We have experienced some great apps that have really made their mark on classrooms! I love apps that put pedagogy first by being simple to use, and make it easy for teachers to gather rich information about student learning and growth. I don't like to to [...]

Disrupting the Students Role in the Classroom

The words "student voice" have become vogue around educational circles, conferences and tweets - and for good reason. Teachers who have been around a while - know that jargon is something that comes and goes and as a result, we are often very weary of fashionable terms . For me,  there is something very special about this term because [...]

Reading Wonder in a Technology Infused Classroom

  NOTE TO READER: If you are reading Wonder - please consider joining our FlipGrid collaboration (just fill out form below). We are so lucky to be starting our first reading unit of the year,  based around one of the best children's books ever written: Wonder! If you know this book, then you understand why I get [...]

A Quick Guide to Making Thinking Visible Using Thinking Styles

  As we talk more about Student Voice and Making Thinking Visible, I always go back to these thinking styles  - because they are so spot on about thinking and learning .  As an example, I am a Concrete Random Thinker -  and use this knowledge all the time -  to help people understand my actions and reactions [...]

8 Tips for Creating Great Student Video Responses

What makes a good video response? A good video response is probably in the eye of the beholder - but there are some truisms in any public speaking scenario. Understanding and dissecting good responses is an important digital literacy our students need to develop. After all, by the time they graduate from college, they will most likely conduct [...]

4 Favorite Updates for #flipgridfever

The Flipgrid updates are amazing - but here are the four I love the most! Stickies - These are available on the actual question right where students go to leave a video response. They are a brilliant way to have students prepare for expressing their ideas.  Stickies gives students a way to leave themselves reminders of what they want [...]

#FlipgridFever – 10 of the best updates

This summer I fell in love, but it wasn’t a romance or a summer fling -  it was the love of a new app and all the ways I will be able to use it with students next year.! As a teacher who values the idea of making thinking visible as a foundational pedagogical strategy [...]

The Google Infused Classroom on LIVE

From Classroom 2.o LIVE - our webinar about The Google Infused Classroom. August 5, 2017. Welcome back to a new school year! We are so excited to have two amazing educators and authors, Holly Clark and Tanya Avrith, to help us kick off our new year! They will share ideas from their new book "The [...]

15 Ways to Use #Flipgrid for Social Studies

I have Flipgrid fever and its only getting worse. I just can't stop thinking of ways to use Flipgrid in the classroom! Here is my next installment of ideas... Flipgrid is arguably one of the best apps of 2017. It has so many layers of thinking it can uncover. At first view – it is a video response platform [...]

10 Life Hacks for Getting Ready for a New School Year

  Whether you agree with Summer breaks in Education or not, almost all teachers get them and most teachers enjoy them (despite the minor harassment we get from our friends in other professions). But all good things must come to an end and starting the school year after a Summer full of beach trips, pool [...]